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  1. Hello Brides to be....and congratulations to all those couples who got engaged over Christmas,now the fun begins,planning your big day!

    Here are the 10 great ways to put your wedding dress to good use after the big day

    1.You could donate your wedding dress to another bride in need.

    2. Use your dress to make a christening gown ( my personal fav idea ) a treasured keepsake that can be handed down through the generations.

    3. Use part of the dress to cover your wedding album with.

    4.Apparentley this is a new craze.....trash your wedding dress.....a fun,photo session capturing the trashing of the wedding dress ( thought that would more appropriate if you were going through a divorce really..Ha )

    5. Wedding keepsake bears ( cute ) you can choose to send sections of your dress to dress your very own keepsake bear,also jewellery and tiaras can be in corporated too.

    6. How about a keepsake quilt made from sections of your wedding dress.

    7. A wedding dress pendant,just a tiny piece of the dress is needed,actually this is something you could make yourself by watching a crafting blog/ dress pendant

    8.Keepsake wedding gown clutch purse                                               wedding gown clutch purse

    9. Picture frame

    photo frame

    10. I quite like this idea!.....from day to night,turn parts of your dress into a form of lingerie,tailor made for you ensuring a perfect fit.


  2. Hello Brides!

    If you are looking for a timeless bridal hairstyle,what's more perfect than a classic updo! Whether you would love a long messy updo or a more coiffed wedding hairstyle,we have a little bit of something for everyone in this bridal hairstyle collection.All these styles are versatile enough to be able to wear the wedding hair accessory of your choice,you could intertwine a long pearl and crystal hairvine ,add a sparkly hair comb or wear a floral headpiece,the choice is endless.

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